The purpose of this blog is to give Guilford County School's Art Educators a place to communicate their thoughts and share ideas. I enjoyed reading all of the terrific comments that were being delivered through email and felt that as professionals we needed a place to discuss what is on our minds.

We learn so much from one another. For many of us, we are the only visual arts teacher in our school. It is so rewarding when we get a chance to get together and talk about art, what is working well in our classrooms and what needs improvement. In addition to monthly meetings, this blog can be a source for discussions that can't wait until the next meeting.

Please don't think of this as one more thing that you have to put on your Things To Do List. Respond if you feel like it, share some pictures if you have time, but otherwise just consider this a professional forum for your voice.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Vickie Chaffin, Kernodle Middle School, Sub Plans

Grant Wood, American Gothic Assignment
Rube Goldberg Wild and Wacky Inventions

American Farm Scenes No. 4 from Currier and Ives Grid

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  1. How ore where to you get a printable copy for these worksheets?